The Picklr Co-founders Talk About Us

Join us as we interview The Picklr Co-founders as they provide an honest and genuine Playbypoint testimonial.

Steven Russell, The Picklr Co-founder

Q: Why did you choose Playbypoint?

 Steven: The first thing that attracted us to Playbypoint was the fact that we could have our own app in the app store. So, the ability to have the Picklr app versus, not being able to, is a big advantage for us. 

Q: How has your experience been working with the Playbypoint team?

Steven: The team has been super attentive. We have this feedback loop and they make it as short as possible of a waiting time. It’s been great to work with them as the Playbypoint team always makes sure that things work as we want them to, which has been super helpful because we all have different needs, and they’ve wanted to make sure that they constantly hit those points with us!

We have a long-term vision in mind with lots of locations and Playbypoint has been able to show us how they can scale with us. And that’s been very important to us. They’ve shown us the pathway to help us grow. So, going from six, seven locations all the way to many, many more.

Q: What is the advantage of using Playbypoint? 

Steven: The advantage of using Playbypoint for us has been the amazing team they have. They’ve been super assertive. The Picklr app that we’ve been able to establish and sell memberships while our customers can use it in many locations, too! 

Plus, Playbypoint as a software, we found to be super intuitive. Our customers and our employees are able to pick it up very quickly and easily. We also appreciate the platform they’ve been built on. It’s scalable and the architecture there has been very impressive. And we can see how they can grow it to develop it as the future comes about.

Austin Wood, The Picklr Co-founder

Q: Why did you choose Playbypoint?

Austin: We chose Playbypoint because they were able to do everything that we needed to do as a facility. The Picklr is all about community and having access for everybody. 

It is a simple platform. It’s easy to use. You know, someone that’s young can use it, someone that’s older can use it, and have a great experience. So, Playbypoint really marries what we’re trying to do at the Picklr for our culture and community. It really just takes that to the next level!

Jorge Barragan, The Picklr Co-founder

Q: Why did you choose Playbypoint? 

Jorge: We needed a partner who could be innovative with us. We are continuing to grow in the indoor pickleball space. And so we wanted someone that could be flexible, that could innovate, that could help us manage and grow our business with software.

That’s why Playbypoint was the right partner for us. 

Q: How has your experience been working with Playbypoint? 

Jorge: Our experience with Playbypoint has been awesome. They are very easy to work with, they listen, and they learn with us. So, as a growing company, we’re always looking for different ways to make the customer experience better.

And as a partner, they’re able to make our lives easier that way. 

Q: How is Playbypoint helping with business growth? 

Jorge: In multiple ways. We have pivoted to figuring out how to bring all of our customers to the app, through Pro Shops, through programming, and through creating community.

Playbypoint has allowed us to be able to do that. Bring everything all in, into the app, uh, to work seamlessly with our customers. It’s been an awesome experience for them to be able to pivot with us as our business has grown. 

Q: What is the advantage of using Playbypoint?

Jorge: The advantage of PlaybyPoint? There are a lot of them! But, the biggest thing for us is how can we make our customers’ lives easier. Instead of using multiple platforms like a court reservation system and an external point of sale system, They bring it all in-house. And that, for us, is how we are able to market different events, programming, etc. to have our club members sign up for new Picklr facilities, and be able to manage them all under one system.

Before Playbypoint, we were using different software and now with Playbypoint, we can streamline everything into one through customer communication, point of sale, and court management. Playbypoint makes streamlining all of that very easy for us to use and that’s a huge advantage for us.

Q: How does Playbypoint compare to other platforms?

Jorge: There’s just no one else like them. Playbypoint is definitely the best software partner out there. They’re the most innovative and creative, and so for us, there are no comparables at this time.

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